The largest baobab tree in Madagascar belongs to the species “grandidieri”. It measures 27.30 meters in circumference and lives in the Morombe region! He is probably a thousand years old! Maybe more. Baobabs give an impression of strength and power. If we take a closer look, things should be qualified. Recent studies have shown that baobabs can live very long. The oldest currently known in Madagascar belongs to the rubrostipa species and is said to be 1600 years old. He lives in the Tsimananmpetsotse reserve. Such longevity could be linked to a solid constitution! It is not so. The baobab tree trunk and branches are not made of wood but of a more or less spongy parenchyma which contains up to 80% water. In baobabs all cells are alive to the heart! This explains their incredible healing abilities. Giants tolerate natural or human-made mutilations well. They easily regenerate what sometimes gives them amazing forms.