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Mada-Expeditions.com guarantees the organization of your land and sea transport and is responsible for its proper execution, except in cases of force majeure or due to third parties. We recommend that our customers for whom a domestic flight is planned to consider a 24 hour “safety” margin between it and the return international flight. Mada-Expeditions.com is not concerned by the air service of Air-Madagascar. Given certain local realities, we would like to point out that the road infrastructures are sometimes sketchy.

Each participant must comply with the rules of caution and follow the advice given by the guide. Mada-Expeditions.com cannot be held responsible for accidents occurring due to the imprudence of a member of the group. Each participant is aware that he may incur certain risks due in particular to the distance from medical centers. He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to make Mada-Expeditions.com responsible for them. This also applies to beneficiaries and any member of the family. Registration for one of our tours signifies acceptance of these conditions.

Mada-Expéditions.com takes out Civil and Professional Liability insurance applying to tourist agencies in Madagascar and covering only the territory of the Malagasy Republic (company ARO contract n° 811-866). It is mandatory for the customer to take out personal insurance (sickness, accident, repatriation and cancellation).

All registrations are subject to the payment of a 30% deposit, non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The balance must be in our possession no later than 15 days before your departure. Payments will be made via our Swift account. We expressly ask you to send a copy of your bank transfer by e-mail in order to follow it up on site with our bank. In this case, the payment of the invoice will be made in cash Euros or in Ariary during the day.

5.1 Cancellation of the trip by Mada-Expeditions.com
Mada-Expeditions.com reserves the right to cancel a trip for compelling reasons (for example: force majeure, war events, disturbances, strikes, etc.). In such cases, the amount paid will be refunded in full, any claim for further compensation being excluded.

5.2 Cancellation of the trip by the traveler

In case of cancellation of a definitive reservation, Mada-Expéditions.com retains, if the cancellation takes place between:

  • 15 days and 8 days before departure, 50% of the fixed price will be retained,
  • 7 days and 0 days before departure, 75% of the fixed price will be retained,
  • No show at departure, 100% of the fixed price will be retained.6. PROGRAM MODIFICATIONS and cases of force majeure Mada-Expeditions.com reserves the right to modify its programs if unforeseen events force it to do so. The name of the hotels is provided for information only and Mada-Expeditions.com reserves the right to replace them with others of a similar category if necessary. In the event of force majeure, which may jeopardize the safety of customers, Mada-Expeditions.com reserves the right to cancel the trip and will reimburse you for all sums already paid without being able to claim any compensation.7. PRICE ADJUSTMENT The prices indicated in our programs are denominated in Euro, per person, and have been established according to the economic conditions in force on 01.03.2019.
    An increase in prices due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate, an increase in the prices applied by service providers, an increase in fuel, legal taxes, etc. can oblige Mada-
    terms and conditions

Expeditions.com to modify its prices. If the increase in the total confirmed price exceeds 10%, the traveler has the possibility of canceling his trip, free of charge, within 5 days of the information communicated by Mada-Expéditions.com.

Baggage weight is limited to 20 kg per person. The responsibility of Mada-Expeditions.com is in no way engaged in the event of loss or theft of luggage during the trip. Mada-Expeditions.com recommends providing baggage insurance.

It is the responsibility of each traveler to bring all the necessary documents for their trip (valid passport, visa, vaccination certificate).


Any complaint must be sent by email or by post with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 30 days after the customer’s return. After this period, no letter of complaint will be investigated by us. We undertake to respond within 30 days of receiving a complaint.

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